Easy Ways to Increase Endurance

The Atlanta Spartan Race is just over a WEEK away, and we have more tips to help you prepare! Our Steaz team member Rachel is getting in as much last-minute training as possible! To help round out her preparation for the Spartan Race, she has been covering essential ways to be ready on race day. Here are some training tips to help with your final preparation leading up to a race!

1.  Don’t Skip Warming Up  

Warming up is essential to make sure your body is ready to move, and your blood is pumping. Warming up means more than stretching though, and you want to make sure you prepare the muscles that are going to be active on the Spartan course! Try 30-60 seconds of each of these exercises in your next warmup!

•    Jogging

•    High Knees

•    Butt Kicks

•    Lateral Shuffles

•    Body Weight Squats

•    Lunges


2.  Brush Up on your Burpees 

The burpee exercise has become a staple for Spartan competitors. No matter what Spartan race you’re running, the minute you fail an exercise, mandatory burpees will follow! To help increase your endurance, try adding a medicine ball or dumbbell into the mix to make your burpees weighted. Start with a weight that pushes yourself but is comfortable, and work up from there. Try to achieve six sets of 5 reps for 30 burpees total. Those bodyweight burpees during your race will be easy!


3. Put Your Grip Strength to the Test 

Most of the Spartan Race obstacles will require pulling motions. Whether you’re climbing ropes, climbing walls, or navigating some monkey bar-esque obstacle, it’s going to take a heavy toll on your forearms. Grip strength is essential to make it through a Spartan event and is not something that anyone should overlook! For some excellent grip strength endurance training, try doing this dead hang workout at least once a day.

Warm-up with three sets of 20-second-long dead hangs

Follow this with four sets of 45 second dead hangs

And finish everything off with one, 1 minute long dead hang

Your Spartan Race will arrive before you know it! For those competing in the Atlanta race, there is still time to push yourself and round-out your training sessions with some of these training tips. Utilize these ideas and find ways to incorporate them into your daily workout routines, they could be just what you need to give yourself an extra edge on the course!