How to Manage Workouts with a Busy Schedule

Next month is the Spartan Race in Atlanta, and we are thrilled that one of our very own Steaz team members is going to be running right alongside you! On her journey to prepare for the grueling Spartan event, she has been training around a full-time work schedule to make sure she is in tip-top shape to conquer the course. While it can be tough to balance fitness and healthy living with a busy schedule, it is still doable! Check out these training tips below to make exercising a little easier!

Utilize HIIT Training

HIIT Training (short for high-intensity interval training) is a great way to tackle cardio or circuit training. If you ever need to sneak a sweat-inducing workout into a small amount of time, HIIT is precisely what you need! In as little as 20 minutes, HIIT will have your heart rate pumping and your muscles working hard.

Here’s how to do it: set up a small circuit of workouts or a cardio session. Take a couple of minutes to warm up and then move into your exercise. Complete the movement at full speed for 1 minute and then drop to medium speed for 2 minutes. Follow this cycle 3+ times and give yourself time to cool down. It’s short and sweet, but your heart will be racing with plenty of time to spare!

Maximize Sleep & Recovery

When it comes to exercise and healthy living, nothing is more important than getting sleep! Seven or more hours of high-quality Z’s will allow your body to recover from the day’s activities properly. To achieve this with a minimum amount of tossing and turning each night, try to incorporate some of these ideas to fall into a deep slumber.

–    Sleep in as much darkness as possible. Try using a sleep mask or blackout curtains to eliminate as much light as possible. The darker your room = A better sleep.

–    Dim the lights throughout the evening. Continue to turn down the lights after you eat dinner and look into using a product to do the same for electronic screens. Doing this will help your mind wind down and reduce eye strain.

Keep Your Diet Quick & Easy

Meal prepping has become a huge trend and an easy way to keep your diet healthy and flexible. When your day is full of meetings, or you have to run errands and take care of the kids, who knows when you’ll have the time to eat! Pre-cooking meals can be the best way to have them ready to eat when you’re running around. Try picking a day of the week to grocery shop, cook everything, and portion it into containers to refrigerate. Throughout the eat it will be as simple as grab & go!

It can be tough to balance work and fitness, but there are ways to do it! Even at the busiest times, you can fit a workout into your daily routine! Try incorporating these little tips and tricks into your training, and it will keep you on the right path to have a successful Spartan Race!