Fuel for the Mind, Body and Soul

Natural energy drinks are exploding in the marketplace, but did you know that Steaz has been a source of natural caffeine since day 1? Offering certified organic and fair-trade products that can provide the same fuel but more cleanly has been our mission, and we’ve got delicious flavors for you to enjoy before or after a workout, during a long day in the office, or keeping up with your kids during crazy school weeks!

Where does the natural caffeine come from?

All of our Steaz Energy products contain 100mg of natural, plant-based caffeine per 12oz can. The caffeine comes from organic certified and fair-trade guarana, yerba mate, and green tea! Steaz Energy is roughly the same amount you would find in an 8oz cup of coffee! The source of our guarana and yerba mate is Brazil, and our green tea is farmed in Kenya!

How is it beneficial?

All our ingredients are organic certified and use fair trade ingredients wherever possible. We offer sweetened energy products using organic certified and fair-trade sourced cane sugar, and a zero-calorie option that uses organic certified stevia.

We also add antioxidant and b-vitamin rich acai to our energy drinks to give you an even healthier boost to help your mind and body stay focused and moving. Our energy drinks will provide you with the lift you need without the crash that you might feel from non-organic or natural based brands.

Steaz Energy is a cleaner way to fuel your mind, body, and soul. Head to our store locator to discover the closest place near you to pick up some Steaz Energy!