Our Drinks

Our Drinks

Delicious, organic drinks made with ingredients you can feel good about.

Organic Iced Green Tea

Certified organic green tea, lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar and with other natural ingredients.

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Zero Calorie All Natural Iced Green Tea

Our organic green tea meets stevia, an all-natural no calorie sweetener.

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Unsweetened Organic Iced Green Tea

Pure, unsweetened organic green tea with a hint of natural fruit flavors.

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Organic Energy

Organic plant-based ingredients provide a clean energy boost for your body and mind.

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All of our iced tea and energy drinks are made with organic, Fair Trade Certified™ green tea grown in Kenya and are brewed with antioxidant-rich fruits and other natural ingredients. Studies show healthy ingredients like these may:

Reduce Risk of Cancer and Heart Disease
Promote Weight Loss
Boost Working Memory
Help Eliminate Free Radicals From the Body